We believe that a pawn shop if a major factor to any neighborhood whether it be big or small. Pawn shops help out the community where a bank falls short. Pawn shops have no need for credit checks. 


When you visit a pawn shop you can find just about anything. Time to get some cash for the things that are taking up space or that jewelry that is broken. Pawn shops will buy broken gold and silver. the best part is you can visit a shop JUST to see what your stuff is worth even if you had no intentions to sell. 

Why we do what we do


We aim to provide customized, loans for each customer. Everyone needs some help paying even the littlest bill. When was the last time we went to a bank with a small ring or a lawn mower and asked if they can loan us $25 so we can get gas till Friday's payday? LOL, they would let us know in the most polite why that they can not give loans on items like that. Thing we can do for you is:  

  • Fast cash
  • loans on anything of value
  • buy the thing you don't need anymore
  • we sell many products much cheaper then retail stores and many resale shops

meet the team

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